SubSonic Vintage Synth

SubSonic is the synth that takes you back! It’s a subtractive synth that is routed in a way to get that oldskool/vintage sound! However the synth is versatile and powerful enough to be able to create quite strikingly modern sounds when necessary!



3 Oscillators (Sine, Sawtooth, Triangle, Square, Noise) with detune facilities
Graphical ADSR Envelope for maximum precision.


Multiple filter selection: Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject, and Peaking.


High Quality fully customisable reverb module!


Delay Module for standard Echo delay effects.

Stereo Chorus

Stereo Chorus, to add that vintage depth!


The Flanger module is incredibly versatile and powerful combining overall sound of the 3 oscillators and using a sine wave to phase invert the sounds before adding feedback. This can give unearthly sci-fi like textures!


The Warper: This module is an envelope modulator, some wacky timbres can be made using this!

Dist Amp

The Amp! Use this knob sparingly or krank it up and hear that distortion crackle!


This Synthesizer comes with 10 fully prepared presets for your enjoyment!

This is the demo reel for SubSonic; ALL instruments including the drum kit were created using SubSonic:

Download SubSonic now and make your sound VINTAGE!

DOWNLOAD – Current version: 1.20


SubSonic is provided FREE!